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Published:May 15th, 2017 17:33 EST

Does Donald Trump Really Want to be President? Will He Resign?

By Robert Paul Reyes

It`s axiomatic that Donald Trump is the least qualified president ever to sit in the Oval Office, he has the attention span of a colicky toddler, the vocabulary of a 5th grader, the diplomatic skills of a bouncer, the charisma of prosperity gospel televangelist, and the intellectual curiosity of a wilted head of cabbage.


Most Democrats and an increasing number of Republicans are fervently hoping and praying that he will either resign or be impeached before the end of his term.

Regardless how egregiously Trump tramples all over the Constitution, as long as the Republicans control both chambers of Congress he won`t be impeached.

But there`s always the possibility that the unpredictable Trump will simply quit, and devote the rest of his life to what he loves best: Golfing, grabbing pussy, and engaging in Twitter wars with the likes of Rosie O`Donnell.

Trump`s weird behavior certainly lends credence to the theory that he doesn`t want to be president. First Trump unceremoniously fires FBI Director James Comey, and then to add insult to injury he threatens him, implying that he may have secretly recorded their conversations.

In the midst of the Comey controversy he bans America news media from his Oval Office conversation with Russia`s foreign minister while allowing a TASS photographer to record the event.

Then to put the cherry on top of the cake, he invites Henry Kissinger to the Oval Office, not seeming to care a whit that this conjures up memories of Watergate.

How long can the administration last of a president who rules by executive orders, communicates with his enemies and the American public via incoherent Tweets, and insults judges, the press and political leaders of both major parties?

It may be wishful thinking on my part, but I think there`s a chance Trump may resign before his term expires. Especially if a liberal Supreme Court Justice dies or resigns, andTrump successfully replaces him or her with a conservative, he may decide to leave office on a high note.

We can dream ...

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