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Published:June 5th, 2017 20:17 EST

Donald Trump Signs Meaningless Executive Memo

By Robert Paul Reyes

"After announcing his goal to privatize the nation`s Air Traffic Control System, President Donald Trump sat down at a desk on Monday and signed two documents. There was only one problem: He wasn`t actually signing something that would have any tangible impact on what he had just proposed.

A White House aide told reporters Trump had signed a a decision memo and letter transmitting legislative principles to Congress, surrounding the privatization of the Air Traffic Control system, which he had just spent the last few minutes advocating for. But in order for his goal to come to fruition, Congress would need to pass pass legislation implementing it."


The Republicans control both chambers of Congress, but the Republican president hasn`t been able to pass a single major piece of legislation. Trump`s repeal and replace of Obamacare managed to squeak by the House, but it will be a miracle if it passes the Senate. His infrastructure and tax reform bills are nothing more than items on a wish list.

Trump keeps himself busy tweeting and ruling by executive order, but his cherished executive orders banning Muslims have been struck down by the courts. Trump is now relegated to signing meaningless executive orders. His executive memos, or whatever the hell you wish to call them, privatizing the nation`s Air Traffic Control System are as valid as a Trump University diploma. The documents merely express Trump`s desire to privatize the Air Traffic Control System, in order for his goal to come to fruition, Congress needs to pass a bill.

Trump would be well-advised to skip photo ops when the cameras focus on his freakishly tiny hands signing a document, especially when the document doesn`t have the weight of law.

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