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Published:June 5th, 2017 17:38 EST

Swiss Adult Education School Teaching Klingon

By Robert Paul Reyes


That`s how teacher André Muller greets students in his class. If the word (pronounced Sha-vaan), sounds a bit alien, that`s because it is. Muller is teaching Klingon - the language of about 3,000 words spoken in the Star Trek universe.

Even though the Klingon race is fictional, the spoken language - invented in 1984 by American linguist Marc Okrand - is now being taught at Migros Club School, Switzerland`s largest adult education institution.

The three-hour crash courses currently offered by Migros for $80 cover Klingon history, as well as grammar, pronunciation and basic sentence structure.

USA Today

I`ve always wanted to learn a second language, being a Latino I`d be willing to invest $800 to take a course to learn how to speak, read and write in Spanish fluently. But I wouldn`t spend eight cents, let alone $80 to learn how to speak a fictional language that`s only spoken by a couple of thousand nerds in the entire world.

Any wanker who spends $80 to learn Klingon shouldn`t live long and prosper, he should die a quick and painful death. Don`t get me wrong I love the original Star Trek TV series, but somebody who learns Klingon isn`t a devoted fan, he`s nothing but a toxic fart on the planet Uranus.

Speaking of language courses, Donald Trump would be well-advised to enroll in an adult education remedial English class.

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