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Published:June 8th, 2017 13:11 EST

Adorable British Kids Takedown Donald Trump: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

Chelsea interviews some of Britain`s youngest voters on their knowledge about POTUS, and their answers couldn`t be more spot on. Among some of the key takeaways? Donald Trump owns a wig closet, has orange skin, and is racist. Now THAT`s not fake news.

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I have read dozens of articles by scholars criticizing Donald Trump`s troubling personality and his incoherent policies in detail with footnotes and annotations.

But you don`t need to be a political science major, or even an adult, to discern that there is something seriously wrong with Trump.

These adorable British children intuitively realize that Trump is a fuc**d up wanker. Chelsea Handler asks little Charlie what he knows about Trump, and he responds: Well, for start, he`s got an orange face. Charlie knew that Trump`s orange face was indicative of a serious psychological disorder. Nobody is his right mind is going to slather his face with fake orange tan, the president`s orange complexion is an outward manifestation of a sick mind.

Then Charlie added: I know he doesn`t like people with brown skin. Any adult with a modicum of common sense will quickly deduce by examining Trump`s policies and statements that he`s a blatant racist. But even a child will instinctively sense that he is a bigot.

Trump has been put down by intellectuals, stand-up comics, and political commentators, but never more adorably than by these British school kids.


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