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Published:June 12th, 2017 17:28 EST

Donald Trump's Cabinet Meeting: An exercise in Kissing Ass

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Leave it to Donald Trump to reinvent the Cabinet meeting.

The public portion of these gatherings of all of the president`s top advisers are usually staid affairs. Photographers are let in to take pictures. The president makes a very brief statement. A reporter shouts a question, unanswered. The end.

Donald Trump did something very different in his Cabinet meeting Monday
Once Trump finished touting his administration`s accomplishments, he turned to several of his newly-minted Cabinet secretaries like Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue. Each of those Cabinet secretaries lavished praise on Trump, which he accepted without comment but with a broad smile.

At first, I thought Trump was just going to have the new members of the Cabinet spend a few minutes praising him. NOPE! It soon became clear that Trump planned to have every Cabinet member speak. And when I say speak what I really mean is praise Trump for his accomplishments, his foresight, his just being awesome."


This has now become standard practice in the Trump administration, whenever the president makes a big announcement or celebrates an accomplishment, he first has a few flunkies from his cabinet or administration offer laudatory remarks of his royal highness.

I`m surprised he didn`t call on Sean Spicer to powder his nose, kiss his ass, and shine his shoes.

Whenever I see Trump with officials from his administration I`m reminded of North Korea`s Dear Leader, his sycophants always appear as if they are enthralled to be in the presence of deity.

It would restore my faith in humankind if one of his cabinet members had simply told the truth:

Serving in your cabinet has been the most humiliating experience of my life, you demand loyalty, but offer none in return. You will throw us under the bus without hesitation if it serves your purposes. Before I`m emasculated to the point where I`m incapable of making love to my wife, I quit. See you later, you orange freaking fascist.

Whenever Trump`s advisors and administration officials act so obsequiously toward their Fearless Leader, it doesn`t make him look better, it just makes him look like a narcissistic buffoon totally lacking in self-confidence.

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