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Published:June 20th, 2017 10:23 EST

Is Sean Spicer About to be Fired?

By Robert Paul Reyes

"CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta on Monday said White House press secretary Sean Spicer is `just kind of useless` as tensions continue to escalate between the Trump administration and the press corps.

`So the White House press secretary is getting to a point, Brooke, where he`s just kind of useless,` Acosta said during an appearance on
CNN Newsroom with Brooke Baldwin.

`You know, if he can`t come out and answer the questions and they`re just not going to do this on camera or audio, why are we even having these briefings or these gaggles in the first place?`

Acosta`s comments came just after Spicer held an off-camera press briefing that reporters were not allowed to record."


Sean Spicer is the incredible shrinking man, when he first started his job he was holding daily briefings, Monday through Friday. Now he`s holding briefings only two or three times a week, and the press isn`t allowed to record some of them. To add insult to injury his deputy Sarah Huckabee Sanders sometimes takes a turn at the podium.

No shi*, Spicer is "kind of useless," his boss has cut off his balls, and silenced him, he`s a husk of his former self. Granted Spicey isn`t a master of elocution, but he`s smart and personable. Spicer is in an impossible situation, even the most eloquent speaker in the world would be hard-pressed to make sense of Donald Trump`s incoherent tweets and rambling speeches.

The only way that Spicer can redeem himself is by holding a final press conference in which he answers every question clearly and honestly, of course that will expose Trump as an idiot. Spicer can close his briefing by resigning, and removing the baton from his hind quarters and passing it on to Huckabee.

It`s not really the White House Press Secretary who needs to resign, it`s the buffoon who makes his job a living hell.

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