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Published:June 21st, 2017 11:36 EST

Shock Jock Resigns After Being Asked Not to Criticize Donald Trump

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Bruce Bond has quit his position at WTPA.

trumpThe reason for Bond`s departure, he said, was that he was unwilling to comply with a directive from the WTPA general manager to curtail political discussion, specifically regarding President Trump.

The outspoken shock jock shared a photo on Facebook of a letter asking him to not criticize the president. In the post, Bond said that `there is this really ugly political environment in this country with the current President` and that he would be unable to continue in the job if he were unable to `continue being honest to my fans & listeners.`"

Penn Live

To demand that a shock jock refrain from criticizing Trump is akin to insisting that a basketball player refrain from trash talking or requiring a baseball player not to adjust his crotch.

Trump is a big fat target, and he provides enough fodder for a shock jock to make fun of him all day long. I`ve even heard disc jockeys at easy listening radio stations wax apoplectic condemning Trump.

I write a column for The Ledger, a conservative publication, and the publisher has enough sense not to demand that I resist from criticizing Trump. I`ve written over a hundred anti-Trump articles in the last couple of years; I would go nuts if I didn`t have an outlet for ridiculing the buffoon.

Kudos to Bond for prizing his integrity and character over a salary, even if he`s only able to land a job doing a podcast he`s much better off.

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