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Published:July 9th, 2017 09:58 EST

Libraries are Seedier Than Flophouses and More Dangerous Than Prisons

By Robert Paul Reyes

"The Denver Police Department has begun patrolling the Central Library, amid a spike in drug use and illegal activity that has been the focus of heightened scrutiny in recent months.

Library officials are crediting the increased police presence and other safety measures with a significant decrease in illegal activity this summer. The downtown library has also added cameras, increased waste clean-up around the building and stocked overdose kits on site to treat patrons."

Denver Post

I grew up in a small two bedroom house with three sisters and a brother, the only places where I could find peace and quiet were the church and the library. I didn`t have a religious bent, therefore the library became my refuge.

My family was too poor to afford an encyclopedia, in the pre-Internet age the only place where I could expand my mind was the library. The library`s customers were my kind of folks, geeky scholarly types.

Today`s library attracts an entirely different kind of people: Homeless clad in feces-encrusted and urine-soaked pants, jobless perverts browsing porn sites for free, and millennial trash taking advantage of the free Wi-Fi.

Who would have thunk (certainly not Baby Boomers) that libraries would become seedier than flophouses and more dangerous than prisons. A library with surveillance cameras and armed security is an abomination.

Because of political correctness libraries have opened their doors wide to perverts, homeless and drug users. Thank God for the Internet, a respectable nerd like me has no need to visit these hellholes.

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