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Published:August 2nd, 2017 17:36 EST

The Mooch Will Return! God Help Us All!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"But what about Scaramucci? What are the SkyBridge Capital founder`s plans now that he is no longer a part of the White House? According to what he told the Huffington Post recently, nothing.


`I am now going to go dark,` the Mooch explained when asked about his future, political or otherwise. `Then I will reemerge as me.`"


I don`t have a degree in abnormal psychology, however I will attempt to decipher the Mooch`s declaration.


Scaramucci sold his company so he could be eligible for a White House position, and he missed the birth of his son so he could be with the president as he embarked on his new career as the White House Communications Director, only to be summarily fired by the new Chief of Staff, John Kelly after only 11 days.

It`s understandable that some political analysists interpreted the phrase "I am now going to go dark," as a threat meaning that he was going to go full evil and return to the White House and burn it down, or at least tweet profane remarks about every member of the Trump administration.

But Scaramucci`s evil thermostat is permanently set on high, and his default mode is "dark as hell," it`s impossible for him to turn up the evil factor a notch.

I believe that the Mooch meant that he was going to avoid the spotlight and keep a low profile - for a while. This is quite the sacrifice for the Mooch, we all know how much he loves the Klieg lights. Revenge is a dish best served cold, and he will be spending his down time plotting his revenge.


A leopard doesn`t change his spots, and a worm never turns into a butterfly, Mooch isn`t going to reemerge as a normal human being.

We`ve all seen horror flicks where the monster is killed, only to reemerge to continue his killing spree.

For the love of God, will somebody please frontstab or backstab the Mooch (metaphorically speaking) while he`s in hibernation.

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