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Published:August 14th, 2017 11:04 EST

Donald Trump Must be Relieved of the Powers of the Presidency Now!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Donald Trump should be removed from office because he is mentally ill, a former Republican senator has said.

Gordon Humphrey, who represented New Hampshire between 1979 and 1990, said the US President is `sick of mind` and called for members of Congress to force him out.

In a letter sent to several New Hampshire Democrat senators and representatives, Mr Humphrey said Mr Trump is `dangerous`, `seriously sick` and could cause the deaths of millions of people.

Claiming the Commander-in-Chief is `sick of mind, impetuous, arrogant, belligerent and dangerous`, he added: `Donald Trump should be relieved of the powers of the presidency at the earliest date.`"

MSN News

After Germany was destroyed in the World War I and punished with severe economic sanctions, the Germans ignored Hitler`s madness, anti-Semitism and megalomania when he rose to power in the 30`s because he restored their national pride.

Trump`s supporters have turned a blind eye to his anti-Semitism, racism and megalomania because he has promised to make America Great Again.

History has harshly judged the Germans (rightfully so) for remaining silent when Hitler turned his murderous fury against unions, communists, gays and lesbians and the Jews.

History will indict Americans for tolerating the racism, bigotry and blind hatred of Donald Trump, Humphrey is spot on Trump must be relieved of the powers of the presidency at the earliest possible date.

At this point it`s not enough simply to condemn Trump`s racism and insanity, if you`re not doing everything possible to remove him from power, you are a part of the problem.

The fate of the world and the state of our democracy hangs in the balance, it`s incumbent on Congress to act now before Trump plunges the world into a nuclear winter and ignites a race war in America.

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