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Published:August 19th, 2017 09:54 EST

Magazine Covers Depict Donald Trump's Passion for KKK

By Robert Paul Reyes

"The New Yorker, Time and Economist magazines inevitably wanted to feature Donald Trump`s white supremacy speech on their covers. Then the challenge was to find the perfect image."


The Daily Beast

I so much despise the Trump administration that if I were the publisher of one of these distinguished publications I would opt for something scatological to capture the essence of our president: A piece of turd floating in a toilet bowl or a fart emanating for Trump`s sphincter-like mouth. Fortunately for the public, I don`t get to decide what image goes on the cover of these magazines.

But seriously, nothing captures the spirit of the Trump administration quite like a dunce cap or a KKK hood. The sheer stupidity and blatant racism that spews from the White House demands such provocative magazine covers that will motivate people to fight Trump until he resigns or is impeached.

The New York tabloids are notorious for their sometimes risqué and always controversial covers, and you would expect them to depict Trump as a Klansman or Hitler.

But Time magazine, the Economist and The New Yorker are influential and respected publications that don`t traffic in gratuitous controversy.

It`s not just the intelligentsia as illustrated by these magazines that is linking Trump to White Nationalism, millions of thinking Americans and billions of concerned citizens in the world think that Trump is a racist.

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