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Published:August 21st, 2017 10:42 EST

The Great American Total Solar Eclipse and Donald Trump's Moral Darkness

By Robert Paul Reyes

The "Great American Total Solar Eclipse" is anticipated with awe and excitement by most Americans, but a few fundamentalist Christians see it as a divine warning of the impending apocalypse.

These are the same evangelicals who wet their pants in awe and excitement over the Donald Trump administration that has blocked the advancement of civil rights and embraces White Nationalists.

I can`t wait for the solar eclipse, and if I get scared or worried when a hot summer day turns into night this afternoon, I can relax knowing that this phenomenon will last only a couple of minutes.

Unfortunately, the Trump moral darkness will last for four or eight more years, unless we battle the forces of darkness and remove the racist buffoon from power by any means within the law.

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