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Published:September 2nd, 2017 10:17 EST

Perfect Gift for Cat Lady in Your Life: Anatomically Correct Plush Cat Purse

By Robert Paul Reyes

Do you have a sister, aunt or friend who`s a cat lady, and you don`t know what to get her for her birthday because she already owns every cat-themed accessory in the world?


We all know such old maids, and it`s difficult buying them presents, because they are as finicky and hard to please as their feline significant others.

I know a cat lady who has dozens of cat magnets on her fridge, cat-themed kitchen towels, and really cute cat dish bowls - wait a second, that`s me. Anyway I have the perfect gift for the cat lady in your life: A darling plush cat purse.

These adorable plush cat purses will make your cat lady friend purr like she`s high on weed or catnip.

These purses look just like a cat, they even have balls, and believe me that`s as close to balls as the typical cat lady will ever be.

They are available on Amazon in three varieties: a Calico-inspired tote, a Russian Blue and a gray kitty. There`s one for every type of cat lover.

Only $12.99! Get one today!

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