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Published:September 4th, 2017 17:33 EST

How Do We Cope With the Obscenity Known as Donald Trump?

By Robert Paul Reyes

"When Tina Fey introduced `sheet-caking` to the world, she spoke a truth that many of us have been reluctant to admit. In her most recent `Saturday Night Live` skit, Fey gorges on sheet cake while discussing the malevolent resurgence of Nazism in America, President Donald Trump`s own disturbing attitude toward right-wing extremism and the cowardice exhibited by Republicans like House Speaker Paul Ryan. By the time `Weekend Update` co-host Michael Che decides to join her in shoveling cake into his own mouth, anyone with a soul can understand why.


Like Fey, many very fine people across the land have turned to their junk food vices for comfort since the election of Trump. The DoorDash food delivery service saw a 90 percent increase in orders from liquor stores, a 79 percent increase in cupcake orders and a 50 percent increase in orders from wine bars on Election Day and the days after, MarketWatch reported."

When I go to sleep I pray that I will awaken in an alternate universe, where Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton lost the election, and President Bernie Sanders` steady hand is at the helm presiding over a nation making strides toward a more perfect union.

But when I wake up and turn on CNN, cold reality hits me in the face when I hear about Trump`s latest idiotic tweet.

According to the multiverse theory of physics there`s an infinite number of universes, and we are cursed to live in the universe where Donald Trump is the President of the United States.

How do we cope with this horrendous truth? I`m not down with gorging on sheet-cake, unless there`s also a giant stash of weed next to the damn cake.

I can understand citizens turning to sheet-cake, weed, cocaine, alcohol or permissive sex to cope with the abomination known as Donald Trump.

But on a serious level, we must be sober-minded to fight Donald Trump until he`s impeached, forced to resign or removed from office via the 25th amendment.

We can`t get rid of Trump by hacking the Matrix, or relying on prayer alone, we must write editorials, march in protest, and write letters to our senators and congressmen and congresswomen until we rid ourselves of this obscenity.

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