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Published:September 6th, 2017 22:30 EST

Tyler Perry and Joel Osteen Deserve to Spend Eternity Together in Hell

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Atlanta film and television mogul Tyler Perry is the focus of a new Care2 petition is asking him not follow through with a plan to donate $250,000 to Houston megachurch pastor Joel Osteen to help with hurricane relief efforts.


Osteen was widely criticized on social media for being slow to open the doors of the 16,000-seat Lakewood Church to victims seeking shelter from Hurricane Harvey flooding. Perry, who considers Joel and Victoria Osteen friends, has said he will donate $1 million to relief efforts, a quarter of which will go to Osteen`s ministry to help buy supplies and other relief efforts.

The petition has gathered more than 6,800 signatures."


Tyler Perry is an actor, comedian, filmmaker, writer, songwriter, and a born-again Christian. Perry`s signature character is Madea, a tough elderly black woman played in drag by Perry himself.

Christians who would run to the opposite side of the road to avoid interacting with a real transgender woman can`t get enough of the Madea movies.

Tyler`s movies are very popular with mainstream audiences, but they are reviled by most African American artists. Spike Lee dismisses Perry`s work as "coonery buffoonery."

Joel Osteen is a Prosperity Gospel televangelist who has made a fortune taking advantage of the elderly and the easily deceived.

It`s not surprising that a billionaire actor and director with no discernable talent would become fast friends with a multimillionaire televangelist with no discernable spiritual gifts. Birds of a feather ...

The $250,000 that Perry donated to Osteen to help with hurricane relief efforts should be enough for the Osteens` yearly supply of Botox.

If there`s a God in heaven, these booty buddies will burn forever in hell.

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