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Published:October 9th, 2017 17:27 EST

Neighbors Thought Wanker Was a Terrorist for Flying Jack Daniel's Flag

By Robert Paul Reyes

"According to a report by a Swiss site, a 29-year-old man from Regensdorf in the canton of Zurich recently bought and erected a Jack Daniel`s flag, along with an Italian flag, outside his property.


The man, born in Switzerland but with Italian heritage, said he had put up the flag because he found it `funny`. His neighbours, however, appeared to disagree and confused the flag of the famous Tennessee whiskey producer with that of the militant group, so-called Islamic State.

After emptying his letter box, the man found a letter, allegedly from `concerned neighbours` that read: Should we be afraid of you? First the Italian flag and now the black death flag. Are you an IS-sympathiser? The letter concluded by stating that the author(s) would put the man and his girlfriend "under observation, if necessary."

The Drinks Business

As far as I`m concerned a man can erect any flag on his private property, however if you erect a flag featuring the logo of a whiskey company your neighbors are going to suspect you`re a drunkard.

The homeowner said that if he found the culprit, he would take legal action due to damage to his reputation. What a wanker, his reputation was ruined the moment he raised the Jack Daniel`s flag.

To quote the immortal words of Rodney King: Can`t we all just get along? If the Swiss gentleman threw a neighborhood party, and provided free Jack Daniel`s, peace and tranquility would prevail in that neighbored forevermore.

Moral of this story:

If you see something, say something, unless you happen to be a freaking moron who mistakes the Jack Daniel`s logo for an ISIS flag.

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