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Published:October 13th, 2017 13:28 EST

Donald Trump Flings Red Meat at Values Voter Summit! Evangelicals Enthralled by the Vulgar Moron

By Robert Paul Reyes

The Republican Party controls both chambers of Congress, and President Donald Trump is nominally a Republican, but after nine months in office he doesn`t have any significant legislative victories under his belt.

The Great Dealmaker has managed to offend and alienate key Republican members of Congress, dooming his efforts to repeal and replace Obamacare, pass a tax reform law or build his cherished wall.

In lieu of any legislative victories Trump has signed one executive order after another, and thrown enough red meat to his supporters to feed an army.

This morning at the Values Voter Summit Trump promiscuously dished out red meat to the adoring conservative crowd. Two years ago before Trump announced he was running for president, the thrice-married short-fingered vulgarian would have been anathema to the socially conservative audience, but proving that they value politics over Christian values they treated him like a rock star.

Trump trumped his greatest hits, declaring that his administration had "returned moral clarity to our view of the world," and promising to end the war on Christmas.

"They don`t use the word Christmas because it is not politically correct," Trump said, "We`re saying Merry Christmas again."

Needless to say there is no war on Christmas, retailers instruct their sales staff to greet customers with exclamations of "Merry Christmas," they will do anything to get customers to buy crap they don`t need.

Trump is the ultimate con artist, he will wrap himself in the flag and the national anthem, and adopt the vernacular of a televangelist to retain control of his base.

I`m not surprised Trump is able to bamboozle evangelical Christians who send televangelists millions for prayer cloths and other religious trinkets, but it`s a crying shame many level-headed Republicans are also enthralled by him.

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