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Published:October 20th, 2017 10:49 EST

Donald Trump's Renoir is as Fake as his Orange Complexion

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A PAINTING which Donald Trump claims is a real Renoir is fake according to experts.

The US President`s biographer, Tim O`Brien, said he first spotted the Two Sisters artwork by the French impressionist on Trump`s private jet.

Mr O`Brien told Vanity Fair`s "Inside the Hive" podcast that he alerted the US President to that fact that the painting was a fake.

He says he was told by Mr Trump `You know that`s an original Renoir` to which Mr O`Brien responded `Donald it`s not`.

However Mr O`Brien claims Mr Trump still boasted the painting was an original and it now hangs in Trump Tower in New York where it could be seen in the background during a `60 Minutes` interview after he won the election in 2016."

The Sun

The incident that Trump`s biographer, Tim O`Brien, describes occurred when Trump was a private citizen. The billionaire`s penchant for lying, and never admitting the truth even when confronted with incontrovertible evidence that he`s wrong has been a lifelong pattern, and at 71-years he`s not suddenly going to change course.

Trump doesn`t know an impressionist painting from an abstract one, Renoir is a brand name, and that`s the only reason the vulgar Philistine owns the fake Renoir.

If an interviewer asked the president why he slathers his face with sun tan lotion, he would swear that he`s never bought sun tan lotion in his life and that orange is his natural complexion.

Trump will tell an outrageous lie, such as his claim that Hillary won the popular vote because millions of undocumented immigrants voted for her, and then he will constantly repeat it until he and his followers believe it`s the Gospel truth.

renoirYou don`t have to be a rocket scientist or an art major to know that the real Renoir is hanging in the Chicago Art Museum and not in Trump`s mansion.

Trump`s supporters are enthralled by their plastic Messiah, and they may accept his alternate truth, but it`s incumbent upon the press to point out that the emperor is buck naked.

Trump`s isn`t well-endowed, the crowd at his inauguration didn`t set records, millions of undocumented immigrants didn`t vote for Hillary, and his Renoir isn`t the genuine article.

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