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Published:November 12th, 2017 10:20 EST

White Evangelicals Embrace a Pussy-grabbing President and a Pedophile Senate Candidate

By Robert Paul Reyes

Will God-fearing Alabamians elect a cowboy-hat wearing, pistol brandishing, Bible-thumping, Muslim-hating, pedophile to the Senate?

The God-fearing, Bible-loving citizens of Alabama voted for Trump over Hillary 62% to 34%, and Trump is a short-fingered vulgarian, incompetent, ignorant serial pussy grabber, so yes, by God yes they will.


You can always count on evangelicals to place political expediency over decency, and these fine upright church-going folks have no moral qualms about voting for a conservative pedophile.

You can`t expect the conservative evangelical voters of Alabama to do the right thing. They will vote for the child molester, while condemning sexual immorality in Hollywood, and while they watch girl-on-girl porn in the privacy of their living rooms.

It`s up to the Senate to do the right thing, if Roy Moore wins they should refuse to seat him.

America is in a state of spiritual and political darkness, a vulgar buffoon sits in the White House, and a child molester stands a good chance of being elected to the Senate.

We must fight against the forces of darkness, Donald Trump and his evangelical enablers and make America great again.

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