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Published:November 29th, 2017 17:55 EST

True Christians Are Horrified By The Likes of Roy Moore

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Conservatives continued their commentary on the various sexual misconduct scandals swirling around Tuesday. At the Federalist, D.C. McCallister sought biblical justification for supporting morally questionable politicians like Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore.


To vote for, associate with, or even advocate for a person working in the secular arena who will bring about the `greater good` despite being personally immoral, pagan, or the member of some `unapproved` Christian sect (as the Catholics once were in America) is justified. To refuse to do so out of fear of God`s judgment on our nation is fusing the city of man and the city of God in a way that God didn`t even do.

It also ignores that God`s purposes are manifest through fallen men, whether they`re in the church or in the world. Think of all the secular leaders we`ve had in America and consider their fallenness. Read the histrionics of Christians in the days of Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson over the "evil" men who were infecting our `holy nation."


Evangelicals are the greatest enemy that Christianity and our democracy faces, and it`s incumbent upon true Christians to condemn these Pharisees.

Evangelicals contort themselves to find biblical justification for supporting a pedophile, and in the process they make themselves jackasses and defile their faith. Some holy wanker named D.C. McCallister argues that it`s permissible to vote for a person working in the secular arena who will bring about the "greater good" despite being personally immoral.

Judge Roy Moore isn`t a run-of-the-mill secular politician who might invoke the name of the Almighty in his speeches but otherwise runs a secular campaign, his legitimacy is his evangelical fervor and his platform is the Bible.

Moore might as well have an "E" for Evangelical instead of an "R" for Republican after his name. By supporting him evangelicals are giving him their stamp of approval, and they are testifying that`s he`s an honorable Christian.

True Christians are horrified by Moore`s hypocrisy and penchant for molesting underage girls, and they would never vote for him.

Moore`s many misogynist, and racist comments are an indication that if he`s elected he won`t bring about the greater good. As a senator he would seek to disenfranchise gays and lesbians, women, and Muslim Americans. Only religious fanatics who desire to live under a theocracy would see a Moore victory as a greater good.

Politics is a dirty business and it`s impossible to wallow in the mire of politics without getting dirty, but I do draw the line somewhere, namely I will never vote for a freaking pedophile.

I don`t care if a politician is a cafeteria Catholic, a nominal Jew, a militant atheist or a backslidden evangelical, but is it too much to ask that your candidate isn`t a child molester?

There is a special place reserved in hell for pedophiles like Roy Moore and their supporters like D.C. McCallister.

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