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Published:December 2nd, 2017 10:39 EST

Alabama Do the Right Thing and Reject Pedophile Roy Moore

By Robert Paul Reyes

Most men prefer to date women younger than themselves, and in this age when girls are sexualized at a very early age, I could understand if a man dated an underage girl if she misrepresented her age.


But if an honorable man meets a female at a club or a restaurant who has the curves of a full-grown woman, only to find out later that she`s underage he will drop her like a hot potato. It`s the only morally-right and legally prudent thing to do.

Roy Moore doesn`t have a fetish for women with a petite figure or a girlish appearance, he has an unnatural and sick attraction for underage girls.

When Moore was a young bachelor he didn`t frequent clubs or bookstores in search for a relationship with a young woman, the pervert went to places where young girls spend their time: Shopping malls, dance recitals, and restaurants where high school girls worked as servers.

Underage girls are low-maintenance compared to women who expect more than a movie and a lunch of hamburger and fries from their date. I`d be surprised if the cheap child molester ever spent more than $20 on a date.

Moore admitted that he first noticed his wife at dance recital when she was only 15 and he was about 30. They tied the knot ten years later.

In the South, and especially in evangelical circles, it`s not so unseemly for a mature man to be interested in underage girls. Evangelical men prefer their wives to be ignorant and submissive, that`s why it`s not uncommon for them to marry teenage girls.

A child molester might not be persona non grata in the backwoods of Alabama, but he`s anathema in the Senate. If the pedophile wins the election, the Senate should do the right thing and expel him.

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