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Published:December 7th, 2017 12:14 EST

Donald Trump, I Tweet Therefore I Am

By Robert Paul Reyes

Before the sun rises, and while his spouse and staff are still enjoying sweet unconsciousness without Trump, the Tweeter-in-Chiefs diminutive fingers are pecking away at his phone revealing the disorder in his mind to the world.

Before White House Chief of Staff John Kelly has a chance to change Trump`s diapers, the president unloads his crap on Twitter.

To understand Trump we can dismiss his press secretary`s dizzying spin, and all the utterances of his sycophants, and simply follow the buffoon on Twitter.

Trump`s tweets give us a more intimate look at his mindset than even his psychiatrist or spouse enjoy, and it`s not a pretty picture.

Trump will parrot what the morons on Fox and Friends are saying, he`ll identify the scapegoat of the day, and he`s just as likely to be a Republican as a Democrat, and he once again will make us wonder why he doesn`t use spellcheck.

Trump`s Twitter feed is like the diary of a mean and petty middle school girl, it`s absolutely terrifying that they are the testament of the Leader of the Free World.

Most of Trump`s supporters and enemies have urged him to cancel his Twitter account, but maybe it`s best if the moron continues to tweet his fool head off, it`s a reminder that we need to impeach him.

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