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Published:January 17th, 2018 17:37 EST

Happy Birthday Betty White! America Loves You!

By Robert Paul Reyes

Whenever I see Betty White trending on Twitter my finger trembles as I click the link to find out why America`s sweetheart is trending. Whenever the nonagenarian icon is trending on social media, I fear it`s because the angels took her home.


Such was the case this morning when I see the screen and TV legend trending on Twitter; I breathed a huge sigh of relief when I found out that she`s in the news because she`s 96 years old today.

Those of you who`ve been reading my column for years are well aware of my cynical nature, and you might be surprised to learn that Betty White is my favorite celebrity, and not a hot mess like Miley Cyrus or a wise ass like Bill Maher.

Betty has the sweet face of a grandma who welcomes family and strangers to her home with a cookie and warm glass of milk, but who tells naughty jokes with a twinkle in her eye.

Betty has been warming our hearts for decades, from "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" to "Golden Girls" to "Hot in Cleveland," while making us wet our drawers with her sarcastic humor.

A reporter recently asked Betty what the secret to her longevity was, and she answered: Vodka and hot dogs.

Here`s hoping that Betty downs at least four glasses of vodka every day along with a dozen hot dogs, because we want her to live 96 more years.

Happy Birthday Betty White! America Loves You!

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