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Published:March 31st, 2018 10:16 EST

Donald Trump Declares April National Sexual Assault Awareness Month

By Robert Paul Reyes

"President Donald Trump issued a proclamation Friday designating April as National Sexual Assault Awareness month.


According to the National Sexual Violence Resource Center, April has been Sexual Assault Awareness Month since 2001 in the United States. The move to issue a proclamation observing the month was first started by President Barack Obama in 2010, and the tradition has carried over into the Trump administration.

"Sexual assault crimes remain tragically common in our society, and offenders too often evade accountability. These heinous crimes are committed indiscriminately: in intimate relationships, in public spaces, and in the workplace," the presidential proclamation from the White House states.

Over the past year, there has been a reckoning in the United States over sexual assault and harassment, particularly in the workplace, known as the #MeToo movement."


This is not Fake News, an April Fools` Day joke or an SNL`s Weekend Update satirical report.

President Donald Trump really did issue a proclamation designating April as National Sexual Assault Awareness month.

Trump should demonstrate that he`s in on the joke by issuing a National Sexual Assault Awareness month poster depicting him wagging his finger with the caption: It`s Not Nice to Grab a Woman by the Pussy.

At least 19 women have accused Trump of inappropriate behavior ranging from sexual harassment and lewd behavior to sexual assault.

If Trump was serious about addressing this problem, that is endemic in our society, he would publicly apologize to these women.

But off course that will happen on the same day that Trump admits that he`s practically bald, and that he employs ten hairstylists to fix his elaborate combover from hell every morning.

Here`s a statement from the National Sexual Violence Resource Center on how we can mark National Sexual Assault Awareness month:

There are many ways to embrace one`s voice, from practicing or providing consent to speaking out against stereotypes or gender biases. This campaign will provide the tools and resources needed for individuals and communities to take actionable steps toward ending sexual violence once and for all. And it starts with recognizing the power of one`s voice.

We all have a unique role to play in prevention and changing the culture. When we reflect on and change how we think and talk about the issue of sexual violence and consent, we can create a culture of respect, equality, and safety. All of our voices have power. It`s time for everyone to find that voice and embrace it.

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