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Published:April 1st, 2018 10:52 EST

Happy Easter and Long Live the Memory of Roswell

By Robert Paul Reyes

For millenniums, humankind has reported seeing UFOs in every continent, nation and village. The belief in UFOs in as universal as the belief in a Supreme Being, but faith in extraterrestrials who have never been captured on video or a photograph isn`t quite as accepted as faith in an invisible deity.


Cave men drew paintings on caves that depicted flying saucers and extraterrestrials, their descendants left us beautiful oil paintings of flying objects and unearthly creatures, and our generation takes photographs and videos of mysterious spacecraft.

No scientist has proven or disproven the existence of God, and no astronomer or cosmologist has proven or disproven the existence of extraterrestrial intelligent life.

Christians and Muslims base their faith in their respective Holy Scriptures, and UFO true believers point to grainy photographs and out-of-focus videos of UFOs to bolster their faith.

On Easter Sunday Christians celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ as recorded in the Gospels, and ufologists harken back to Roswell as evidence that we have been visited by alien beings.

There are always miraculous healings and unexpected answers to prayers that believers cling to as an affirmation of their faith, and there are always news stories about UFOs that UFO believers cite as proof of the existence of extraterrestrials.

I have written many articles ridiculing UFO enthusiasts, but perhaps I should be more forgiving, if history teaches us anything, it`s that humankind needs to believe in something greater than ourselves, be it a Supreme Being or extraterrestrial beings.

Happy Easter and long live the memory of Roswell!

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