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Published:April 15th, 2018 14:26 EST

Guide Dog Trained to Sniff Out Burger King Whoppers for Blind Owner

By Robert Paul Reyes

"On April 12, Burger King`s U.K. branch released a video to YouTube of a guide dog being successfully trained to smell out flame-grilled Whoppers for his visually impaired owner.


British hockey player Nathan Tree describes his golden retriever Flynn as his "best friend" who "saves my life every day." Traveling often for his career on the ice, Tree was inspired to teach his pup to sniff out Burger King Whoppers, his "go-to food."

After fifteen days of training, Flynn is successfully able to identify a flame-grilled Whopper in a blind scent test with another burger and fish and chips, just in time for Tree`s trip to Paris."

Fox News

According to a video posted on YouTube by Burger King a guide dog has been successfully trained to smell out flame-grilled Whoppers for his blind owner.

Methinks this is one of the greatest whoppers ever told in an advertising campaign. I`m not blind, but I am lazy as hell, and it would be terrific if I could train my pooch to sniff out the closest Burger King, and bring me back a couple of Whoppers.

But I`m afraid my doggie would only bring back the wrappers, she`s pilfered a burger from my kitchen table on more than one occasion.

In the commercial Tree and Flynn walk through the City of Lights, and the canine successfully leads his owner to a Burger King.

Those type of miracles may only happen in commercials, but Flynn is an adorable pooch and those Whoppers look mighty tasty.

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