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Published:June 1st, 2018 12:01 EST

Huskie Stuck on Roof Repays Firefighter with Doggie Kisses

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Even doggies need to be saved sometimes! This beautiful dog managed to get out onto the roof of his home thru an upstairs window. We received numerous calls but one concerned citizen, Phil Burke, discovered him early on and notified us. Another awesome citizen stood by with the dog until we could arrive on scene! Officer McDonald, in conjunction with the Wells Fire Department, worked together to rescue him! Thank you to all that called and helped save him."

Wells Maine Police Facebook Page

Firefighters usually rescue cats from trees, not dogs from the roof of a house. When firefighters rescue a kitty who is stuck on a tree, the pet owner may be eternally grateful, but the cat is more likely to scratch his rescuer than to shower him with kisses.

But this beautiful Huskie was quick to show his appreciation, planting sweet slobbery kisses on the brave first responder.

This story illustrates that canines are smarter and more affectionate than felines. A cat who is precariously perched on top of a 200-foot tree doesn`t realize how much danger he`s in, but a pooch who`s on a roof twenty feet high in the air is cognizant of his perilous situation.

Kudos to the concerned citizens who called the police, and the courageous first responders who rescued the silly pooch. There`s nothing like a dog to bring out the best in humanity.

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia

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