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Published:June 4th, 2018 18:21 EST

Mike Pence is an Abomination and an Affront to the Almighty

By Robert Paul Reyes

You don`t have to be a political science major, a historian or a particularly insightful individual to deduce that Donald Trump is a vulgar ignoramus who is an unqualified disaster as President of the United States.


Every day Trump perpetuates another outrage against the Constitution, common decency, and the rule of law. While white evangelicals pray that God will bless their Messiah, true Christians are praying that the Almighty will smite the Antichrist.

Mike Pence is the Vice President in no large part due to the recommendation of Paul Manafort, one of the slimiest political insiders in history.

Pence has been at the epicenter of the rise of Donald Trump to the White House almost from the start. The evangelical zealot was active in the Republican National Convention, where he was nominated, through the election campaign and let`s not forget that he was head of the transition, after Trump kicked Chris Christie to the curb. And of course he has been an eyewitness to all of the chaos and corruption of the past sixteen months of the Trump administration.

If anyone is aware of the moral depravity of the Trump administration, it`s Mr. Born Again, Mike Pence. Even though Trump`s behavior is antithetical to the teachings of Jesus Christ, you won`t find a more loyal supporter than Pence.

Pence is biding his time, hoping that when Trump leaves office, that he will be able to scrub off the filth, and run for president.

But even if he is successful, I have one question for the self-righteous creep: For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?

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