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Published:June 5th, 2018 18:27 EST

There Will be a Day of Reckoning for Donald Trump

By Robert Paul Reyes

On January 23, 2016, presidential candidate Donald Trump boasted that he could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and not lose voters.

At the time I remember thinking, "What a clown, his followers will soon grow weary with his act and abandon him in droves."

Obviously I was wrong and Trump was remarkably prescient, the past two and a half years have proven that he can get away with anything, as long as he remains faithful to the evangelical agenda.

If Trump shot a hapless tourist in the middle of 5th Avenue, his supporters would praise him for his marksmanship, and demand that he be made an honorary sheriff.

On June, 2, 2018 Rudy Giuliani, a former federal prosecutor, boasted that if his boss shot former FBI Director James Comey in the Oval Office that he wouldn`t be indicted for the dastardly crime while still serving as president.

One bombastic dumbass trying to outdo another bombastic dumbass!

If Trump rapes or murders someone while he`s president, handcuffs will be slapped on him faster than Mike Pence can plant a big sloppy kiss on his fat butt.

The president isn`t above the law. The president can`t pardon himself. The president can`t get away with murder. A day of reckoning is coming, I just pray that it gets here sooner rather than later.

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