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Published:June 6th, 2018 18:22 EST

Meet Buff Cat, the Most Muscular Cat in the Universe

By Robert Paul Reyes

When I tell people that I have a Pit Bull/German Shepherd mix they seem impressed, but when I let them know that I also have two cats, they look at me askance as if I`m the biggest pussy ... cat in the world.


If they only knew that one of my cats, Tico, tips the scales at 25 pounds, and he struts around my house like he`s a Mack Daddy.

But I think even Tico would give a wide berth to the Internet`s latest feline sensation, Buff Cat. This colossus has broad shoulders, and he looks like he lifts weights at the gym every day.

I`m not a scaredy-cat but if Buff Cat hissed at me I would wet my drawers and run away like a schoolgirl.

But he`s a big pussy cat and a hit with the ladies. Check out his pics and videos:

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