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Published:June 21st, 2018 12:18 EST

End of An Era: The Jerry Springer Show is Ending Production

By Robert Paul Reyes

"The Jerry Springer Show, which ushered in an era of trash TV talk shows, is ending production after 27 years, according to reports.

Jerry Springer, a former Cincinnati mayor, started the show in 1991 as a thoughtful topic and issues show. The next year, production moved to Chicago and by 1994, the furniture throwing and fistfighting format was introduced.

Springfield News-Sun

After 27 years the Jerry Springer Show ends not with a bang but a whimper. I expected the venerable show to end with a pay-per-view battle royale featuring midget lesbian strippers, trailer park hoes sporting daisy duke shorts, blind anorexic models, line dancing obese hillbillies, and a transsexual who`s had multiple sex-change operations and doesn`t know whether to identify as a man, woman, or tree. Instead the iconic show ended with a nondescript press release.

As a political blogger my TV is always on CNN or MSNBC; I write a daily column and I need to keep abreast of politics and current affairs. But I take a break from cable news when Springer is on, I desperately need a diversion from the madness of real life.

Springer kept shi* real, he was in on the joke and unlike Maury Popvich he didn`t pretend to care about his guests. Springer was never intentionally cruel to his guests like a Morton Downey Jr., he gently mocked them. He left it to his audience to deliver the verdict on the sad cast of characters who appeared on his program. His audience was always brutally honest: Whore! Whore! Whore! They would scream at a 300-pound woman who flashed her sagging boobs.

I can`t imagine TV without Springer, that`s like a mega church without a pastor, an amusement park without a roller coaster or a brothel without a madam.

It`s appropriate that Springer ended during the Trump administration, after all how could his strippers, trailer park lovers and assorted freaks compete with the insanity of the White House?

There should be a national moment of silence or better yet a chant of "Jerry! Jerry! Jerry" as a tribute to Jerry Springer The Man, The Show, The Legend.

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