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Published:July 11th, 2018 10:57 EST

Adorable Grandpa Records Himself Instead of Marriage Proposal

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Getting engaged can be overwhelming for both the person popping the question and the one getting the ring, which is why many couples ask someone to document the proposal.

For one New Mexico man, that someone was an adorable grandfather he met on a train. And one thing is for sure... the moment was memorable.

The grandfather`s name is John Hart, and he accidentally recorded the whole thing in selfie mode.

That means he only captured his own thrilled reaction to the picturesque proposal."


It`s axiomatic that old people don`t know Jack about technology, they don`t know a WI-FI hotspot from a burning blister on their butt.

I can`t believe a millennial wanker handed an iPhone to an old codger and asked him to record a marriage proposal, he might as well have handed him a freaking blender.

As sure as night follows day the old coot screwed things up, he recorded the memorable event in selfie mode. That means he captured his own reaction, and adorable as it was, the couple would have beaten the sweetness out of him if another (much younger) person hadn`t recorded the proposal.

Believe it or not, back in the day the old geezer was a photographer in the Navy, and he probably took some great photographs of naval battles during the Civil War, but he sure as hell doesn`t know how to use a cellphone camera.

Moral of this story: By all means include the elderly in important events in your life, but for the love of God don`t ask them to do anything with technology that involves anything more modern than a rotary phone.

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