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Published:August 11th, 2018 10:34 EST

Madonna Thinks all Modern Music Sounds the Same

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Although this year has brought us some pretty good albums and singles - Scorpion, Liberation, the numerous G.O.O.D. Music releases, Everything Is Love, Lost and Found, Testing and lots more in different genres, Madonna`s still left unpleased saying there`s no distinction between all the sounds. The 59-year-old pop singer recently chatted with Vogue Italia and talked about the current landscape of music, in her eyes.


Madonna is currently preparing an upcoming album and living in Lisbon, Portugal, telling the publication how her new city provides a lot of inspiration for her craft. `It`s also such a nice antidote to what`s going on in the music business now where everything`s so formulaic, and every song has 20 guest artists on it, and everyone sounds the same. Something`s gotta give,` she explained."


The Material Girl turns 60 this month, but she`s not at home in her mansion knitting thongs, and complaining about how today`s music sucks.

The sexy sexagenarian tours regularly, and she`s working on a new album to be released later this year, but actually she does criticize the state of today`s music.

The pop icon is entitled to her opinion, and aspiring singers and established artists would be well-advised to listen.

First of all they should listen to Madonna`s classic albums like: Like a Virgin, Ray of Light, Confessions on a Dance Floor, and Like a Prayer. The Queen of Pop made a huge impact on music with her originality, innovation, strong lyrical skills, and mediocre vocals.

Then they should listen to her criticism of the current landscape of music, the shit all sounds the same.

Why does almost every artist, especially in the hip hop genre, feel compelled to include 20 guest artists and a dozen producers in their albums? This insanity makes it almost impossible for a singular voice to rise to the top, and revolutionize the music industry.

I`m just going to listen to Madonna`s albums until today`s musical "stars" grow some balls, have faith in their music, and not include a dozen guest singers and rappers on their albums.

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