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Published:September 10th, 2018 18:45 EST

The Sky is Blue, Grass is Green and Donald Trump is a Liar!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Trump doesn`t lie to be believed, he lies to be repeated. Even fierce opponents can be unwitting viral marketers for his lies. Don`t fall into the trap."


Jason Sattler, USA Today

Donald Trump`s braggadocios output exceeds that of a rapper or a WWE wrestler. The carny barker exploits every appearance, whether it`s an impromptu press conference or a formal presidential address to brag about his accomplishments.

The Players Ball is an annual gathering of pimps, held in Chicago, Illinois, and every year they crown a "Pimp of the Year." The Player of the Year will strut on the stage with his hoes following him with their heads down; he will brag about his handsome physique and intelligence, and boast about the obedience and loyalty of his hoes. Pimps Up, Hoes Down is his mantra.

Trump is the Pimp-in Chief, he never misses an opportunity to boast about his greatness, and he loves to hold Cabinet meetings where his staff is forced to laud him with extravagant praise. President Up, Staff Down is his mantra.

Trump is a liar, plain and simple. If his sphincter-shaped mouth is moving, he`s lying.

Trump is a habitual liar, he doesn`t care that his lies strain credulity, and he doesn`t lie to be believed. He lies so that his lies will be retweeted on Twitter, exposed by cable news pundits, and condemned by newspaper opinion writers. He lies so that he will always be the focus of cable news.

Only his base believes him, their default mode is willing suspension of disbelief. They believe every stupidity that emanates from his foul orifice, if Trump declared that there was a blizzard in Los Angeles in the middle of summer, his fans with plans to vacation in LA would pack winter coats and gloves.

Should we simply ignore Trump`s lies, considering his goal is attention, and he actually likes it when we debunk him on social media?

I don`t think so, that would be giving in to cynicism. Everybody from university professors to journalists to bloggers to regular folks should debunk him every time he lies.

It may get boring and tiresome to continue to point out the Emperor isn`t wearing any clothes, but it`s incumbent upon us to denounce the world of alternate truths, subjective reality and simulated reality.

Rest assured that I will continue to call Trump a fuc*ing liar until he`s impeached and removed from office.

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