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Published:November 11th, 2018 09:57 EST

The Heavenly Choir Will be Presided Over by an EDM DJ and Not a Gospel Star

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Twin decks perched on a candlelit altar, Robert Hood mixed trademark minimalist techno with God as the charismatic producer and ordained priest wowed a packed Berlin church Friday night.


Hundreds of hip Berliners, most of whom had come to dance rather than pray, were swept along by Hood as priest-cum-DJ, as well as an amateur gospel choir and two female priests at St Thomas church in the cool if dilapidated district of Kreuzberg.

The thumping bass bass beat did its best to make the walls of the 19th century Protestant neo-gothic style church -- one of the city`s largest -- shake as a black-clad Hood led the proceedings and professed himself much moved by the occasion."


There is no genre of music that can be identified as the only acceptable form of spiritual worship, the Holy Spirit moves to the beat of hip hop, centuries-old hymns, as well as country gospel.

But in my humble opinion in paradise it`s all about that bass, no treble, or country twang.

Electronic Dance Music (EDM) and minimal techno in particular has a hypnotic repetitive beat that will lift your spirits to a trance, fugue state or spiritual epiphany if you will.

The heavenly choir will be presided over by a DJ like Robert Hood and not a Gospel star like Kirk Franklin.

Hood an ordained minister as well as a DJ makes the walls of his 19th century gothic style church shake, and the spirits of his flock tremble as they dance to the techno beat and contemplate the divine.

If you`re walking by a church and you hear the congregation singing "What a Friend We Have in Jesus," and you walk by another church and all you hear is the thump, thump thump of EDM don`t assume that one church is of God and the other one is of Satan.

It`s all good!

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