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Published:November 20th, 2018 18:09 EST

Donald Trump Calling Rep. Adam Schiff 'Schitt' Proves He's a Worthless Piece of Schitt

By Robert Paul Reyes

So funny to see little Adam Schitt (D-CA) talking about the fact that Acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker was not approved by the Senate, but not mentioning the fact that Bob Mueller (who is highly conflicted) was not approved by the Senate!


Donald Trump Tweet

Modern presidents have left us with these eloquent speeches for us to reflex upon and analyze: Franklin D. Roosevelt`s First Inaugural Address, Dwight Eisenhower`s Farewell Address, Lyndon B. Johnson`s "Great Society" Speech at the University of Michigan, John F. Kennedy`s Address on the Space Effort, George W. Bush`s "Get On Board" Speech and Barack Obama`s "A More Perfect Union" Speech, to name a few.

Donald Trump has yet to deliver even a decent speech; I`m still trying to forget his godawful "American Carnage" Inaugural Address. But he`s posted hundreds of noxious tweets for us to parse and attempt to digest.

Where to begin to parse Trump`s Adam Schiff tweet? I don`t know how tall Schiff is, but he`s not a diminutive fellow like Little Marco Rubio. The intellectual midget has a penchant for trying to cut down to size his intellectual superiors by referring to them as "little."

Deliberately misspelling the congressman`s name is juvenile, no it`s downright vulgar and childish. I can already hear Trump`s sycophants in Congress defending the fuc*ing moron by stating that he`s a counter-puncher. A president should counter-punch with logic and reasoning, not by resorting to middle school taunts.

It`s clear that this was no innocent typo since the short-fingered vulgarian never deleted or corrected his tweet.

Now to get to the point of the presidential tweet: Trump`s argument is based on the false premise that special counsels require Senate confirmation. To be clear, an attorney general, but not a special counsel requires Senate approval. In any case, Robert Mueller was confirmed by the Senate as FBI Director.

Thank you President Donald Trump for teaching us what it means to bring decorum to the White House, you worthless piece of schitt.

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