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Published:January 15th, 2019 18:14 EST

Must See Video! Toddler Not Impressed When She Meets Baby Bro For First Time!

By Robert Paul Reyes

During the 2012 Olympic Games in London, United States gymnast McKayla performed a nearly flawless vault, leading most experts to believe she would win the gold medal for the competition. Maroney ended up taking the silver medal, and while on the winner`s podium, she was photographed making a scowling expression. The photograph became an international meme, and Maroney`s "I`m not impressed" expression was ubiquitous on the Internet for months and years. As great an impact as the gifted gymnast had on her sport, her greater impact was on our culture at large, her "McKayla is not impressed face," has become a defining moment for the digital age.


Ella, a toddler, doesn`t know McKayla from her droopy drawers, and she can barely walk, let alone perform gymnastics, but she channeled McKayla when she was introduced to her baby brother for the first time.

Ella was certainly not impressed when a woman hands her her baby brother, she barley budges and looks off into the far distance. I`m not saying Ella is a psychopath, but I wouldn`t be surprised if this nascent sibling rivalry ends with the death of the clueless baby.

The proud dad writes that Ella`s reaction is priceless, no the reaction when one day he checks on the infant sleeping in his crib, and finds him dead will be priceless.

I empathize with Ella, I love puppies, kittens and butterflies but babies leave me cold. If a proud mother makes the mistake of handing me her baby, I will also look at it as if I`m holding a sack of crap.

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

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