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Published:January 16th, 2019 17:59 EST

Why Did Donald Trump Have a Bandage on His Hand?

By Robert Paul Reyes

"President Donald Trump is often called thin-skinned. It`s usually not meant literally.

But the back of Trump`s right hand was covered with an adhesive bandage during a Thursday trip to McAllen, Texas, with blood visibly seeping through the dressing. His hand was similarly bandaged again on Monday as he departed for a trip to New Orleans.


Armchair medics studying photos that circulated online this week leapt to dramatic conclusions. But the White House said on Tuesday that Trump sustained the injury while playing with his 12-year-old son."


Americans are fascinated by Donald Trump`s grotesquely small hands, we are so familiar with the topography of his hands that we notice every liver spot. Naturally, we noticed that his right hand was covered with an adhesive bandage.

The White House claims that Trump sustained the injury while playing with his 12-year-old son, but we have learned to take every statement by the Trump administration with a grain of salt.

I don`t think Trump would recognize his young son, and I doubt he has ever played with him.

Social media has weighed in with dramatics reasons for his bandaged hand. So what on Earth caused Trump`s injury? Here are my more credible explanations:

Melania scratched his loathsome hand when he tried to cop a feel. Trump would be well-advised to stick to groping Ivanka.

It wasn`t Barron that Trump was roughhousing with but Mike Pence, and Pence accidentally scratched him during their sex play.

The bandage covers a boil. Every time Trump tells one thousand new lies the Almighty smites him with a boil, and his fat ass is already completely covered with boils.

The bandage covers a bite mark. Kellyanne Conway was sucking on Trump`s hand to drink his blood, believe it or not, without his blood she would look even more loathsome and decrepit.

But enough of Trump`s hand, it`s another part of his anatomy that I would love to injure, namely delivering a solid kick to his fat behind.

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