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Published:January 21st, 2019 18:03 EST

Racist Donald Trump Has the Gall to Visit Martin Luther King Jr. Monument

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Trump laid a wreath Monday morning at the foot of the memorial alongside Vice President Mike Pence before quickly returning to his motorcade.


"It`s a great day. A beautiful day. Thank you for being here. Appreciate it," Trump told reporters as he stood before the large statue of King.

The President`s visit to the memorial site -- which is overseen by the National Park Service -- came on the 31st day of the government shutdown, which has left the National Park Service unfunded."


Donald Trump and Mike Pence stood before the Martin Luther King Jr. memorial for about two minutes before making their getaway on the presidential motorcade.

Had Trump made a visit to a Confederate memorial he would have stayed there at least two hours because no doubt he would have been surrounded by very fine people.

The stable genius also left quickly out of resentment that there will never be a Trump monument in the National Mall.

The trip was unannounced because had people known that the brazen racist had the gall to attend the monument of the civil rights leader, he would have been meet with furious protesters.

I won`t even address the issue of Pence comparing Trump to King, that makes my blood boil.

Hope I hope and pray that Trump will be impeached and removed from office before we celebrate Martin Luther King`s holiday again.

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