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Published:March 17th, 2019 10:18 EST

Beto O'Rourke: I Was Born to Run! Actually He Was Born to Drown in White Privilege!

By Robert Paul Reyes

As the scion of a billionaire businessman and as a former hacker and punk rocker Robert (Beto) O`Rourke was born to be a digital currency entrepreneur or an alternative music festival organizer.


But the three-term congressman feels he was born to be the president of the United States. His main claim to fame and political legitimacy is that he lost his bid to unseat Senator Ted Cruz last November.

In spite of Beto`s paltry political resume he considers himself presidential timber because he`s charismatic, tall, boyishly handsome and WHITE. Social media aptitude, fundraising prowess, and a winsome smile is not synonymous with presidential gravitas.

In the least surprising development of the nascent 2020 Democratic Party primary season, Beto finally declared his candidacy with a video that was heavy on gesticulating and light on substance.

In his announcement video Beto is gesticulating wildly with one arm while his longsuffering wife is clutching his other one. Her main function seems to be to keep him from flying away or at least to restrain his flight of rhetorical fancy. He seems oblivious to his spouse`s presence, he doesn`t look in her direction, his focus is on the camera.

On the campaign trail Beto joked that his wife Amy raised their three children, sometimes with my help. He quickly apologized for his politically-incorrect joke, but the fact remains that she is raising their children by herself while he`s on his vanity tour.

In the current Vanity Fair issue Beto appears on the cover (photo by Annie Leibovitz) and in the accompanying interview white privilege oozes out of him when he states that he was "born to do this."

Maybe so, but Senator Kamala was also born to run. Ditto, Senator Cory Booker and former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Julian Castro.

I might hire Beto as a scarecrow or as a windmill of sorts to power my house, but I`m voting for a seasoned and qualified candidate and a legitimate progressive like Kamala Harris. She was born to run and to win.

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