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Published:March 18th, 2019 17:51 EST

Donald Trump Gets an Earful at St. John's Episcopal Church

By Robert Paul Reyes

"When President Donald Trump made a rare appearance at church on Sunday, he heard a pointed message from the minister: call out hate speech whenever you hear it because it`s a sin against the Gospel.


The entreaty to rebut the type of language and mentality that spurred a gunman in New Zealand to open fire on mosques last week came from Rev. W. Bruce McPherson, who delivered Sunday`s sermon at historic St. John`s Episcopal Church, situated just across a small park from the White House."


Donald Trump isn`t a regular churchgoer, he attends services on Christmas, Easter, and for state funerals. The short-fingered vulgarian would attend church more regularly if the ushers were buxom young ladies who leaned in real close to collect the offerings from the faithful.

On Sunday Trump was moved by the spirit to attend church, unfortunately for him he made the mistake of attending a mainline Protestant church instead of an evangelical church where he would have been welcomed as the Messiah.

The Rev. W. Bruce McPherson of St. John`s Episcopal Church spoke truth to power, he delivered a searing sermon on calling out hate speech. If only Trump`s inner circle and Republican leaders had the holy boldness to rebuke him for failing to condemn White Nationalism in the wake of the New Zealand mosque massacre.

Thank God that there are still some outposts of real Christianity in the age of Trump. Thank God that there are still some true prophets of God who speak truth to power and speak out on behalf of the powerless. Thank God that there are still ministers who preach the message of love from the Gospels instead of preaching hate by focusing on the handful of Old Testament verses that prohibit acts of homosexuality.

I would urge Christians to shun churches where the vulgar, obscene racist Trump is welcomed with open arms. I would urge Christians to avoid churches were fetuses are adored and poor children are neglected and ignored. I would plead with Christians not to attend churches where the kind of people Jesus ministered to (migrants, the poor, social outcasts) aren`t accepted.

Let me break it down, screw Trump-loving white evangelical places of worship and attend an enlightened and loving temple like the historic St. John`s Episcopal Church.

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