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Published:March 29th, 2019 17:53 EST

Joe Biden is the Creepy Uncle of the Democratic Party!

By Robert Paul Reyes

Almost every family has a creepy uncle whose presence we tolerate only on Thanksgiving and Christmas. In order to keep the family peace and appease grandma and grandpa the creepy uncle is invited to holiday dinners, but we make sure he`s never alone with any of the children.


Y`all know what I`m talking about, this cretin doesn`t understand the concept of personal space, and he makes us feel dirty and violated by his mere presence.

The safety and well-being of our children should take precedence over family dynamics and the proverbial creepy uncle should always be treated as persona non grata.

Why should we care about the feelings of this touchy-feely psycopath when he demonstrates no empathy for the nieces that he hugs and little bit too closely and the toddlers and young children that he plays with a little bit too exuberantly?

In this "#metoo" era we should have zero tolerance for the creepy uncle who always ruins our holidays.

Joe Biden is the creepy uncle of the Democratic Party, it`s an open secret that he never misses an opportunity to kiss a young girl. Do a Google Image search of "Joe Biden kissing" and you will see multitudes of images of him getting uncomfortably close with women and especially underage girls.

Biden`s enablers will protest that that`s just "Joe being Joe," but there should be no room in the Democratic Party for a man who has a suspect attraction to young girls. How can we condemn Trump`s predatory sexual behavior if we turn a blind eye to Biden`s creepiness bordering on child molestation?

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