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Published:July 1st, 2008 16:32 EST
Mattel Stops Sue Ing

Mattel Stops Sue Ing

By SOP newswire

Just moments ago, Mattel was granted a temporary injunction blocking Ms. Sue Ing from holding her scheduled press conference.  Sunday, Ms. Ing was tapped by Mattel to reveal the alleged kidnapping of Mattel Starlet, Barbie®, who was last seen Friday on the Golden Strip.

Court  gags Sue Ing


No statement has been issued by Mattel, and all attempts to reach them for comment have failed.  Sources say that Ms. Ing is distraught and inconsolable regarding the kidnapping.


Rumor, however, suggests that Ms. Ing has information which implicates Mattel in Barbie`s® abduction.


The SOP is making every effort to reach Ms. Ing.  As this update is filed, the whereabouts of both Barbie® and Ms. Ing are unknown.


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