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Published:July 8th, 2008 15:00 EST
Oil Companies Are Taking Advantage Of You!

Oil Companies Are Taking Advantage Of You!

By SOP newswire2

With the price of oil at an all time high, we`re sure that you "and all Americans" are feeling increasingly frustrated by high gas prices.

Now oil companies are taking advantage of the situation to push for the same solution they always do: more drilling. More drilling will not bring down the price of gas, it will simply increase profits for Big Oil while it puts fragile ecosystems in danger.

Oil rigs at the beach

Tell Congress to resist the pressure to drill and stand up for clean, renewable solutions to high energy prices.

Whether it`s in the wilderness of Alaska or off the shores of the Gulf of Mexico, Big Oil`s answer doesn`t change. Every Monday morning in Washington, friends of Big Oil have been adding new drilling amendments to every bill they can get their hands on. This is the idea they have for how to use the coastal beaches that drive local economies in every state on our eastern and western seaboards.

What they don`t say is that more drilling won`t save you money at the pump. The Department of Energy estimates that opening the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge would lower the cost of gas by 4 cents per gallon " twenty years from now.

Even worse, oil companies already have permission to drill on 68 million acres of land with known oil reserves and they`re only using 18 percent of that land. Yet they want Congress to open up even more?

Save Our Environment has a different idea: give consumers a choice. Congress should concentrate on developing renewable alternatives, not simply increasing our dependence on oil. Investing in clean, renewable energy will actually reduce our dependence on big oil companies and create clean, good-paying jobs for Americans.

Click here to urge your members of Congress to fight back against industry pressure and say NO to offshore and Arctic drilling.

Gas prices keep going up because the world supply of oil is shrinking, and that isn`t going to change. Supporting clean, renewable energy is the only effective way to combat high energy costs.

More drilling won`t lower our prices, but it will damage the environment. Save Our Environment is pushing for cleaner, better alternatives. Help us make sure Congress is on our side.

Michael Town
Campaign Director,