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Published:July 11th, 2008 11:17 EST
George W. Bush Is Not Smart Enough to Be President, Right?

George W. Bush Is Not Smart Enough to Be President, Right?

By John Lillpop


It has become fashionable "blood sport" among intellectual elitists in the media, and among goofy iberals, to ridicule President Bush by calling him stupid, either directly or by inference.

The delicious irony is that those who denigrate the president`s intelligence the loudest are often the same fools who will swear that Bush tricked 110 Democrats into voting for the 2002 Joint Resolution which authorized the president to use force in Iraq.

For a man with the supposed IQ of a burned out fluorescent light bulb, George W. Bush seems to be an overachiever when it comes to bamboozling, and defeating, Democrats!

Consider these remarkable achievements not often found in the resume of a "stupid" person:

*Graduated from Yale University with an MBA;

*Served as Governor of the state of Texas;

*Was the standard bearer of the Republican Party during the 2000 presidential election;

*Beat Democrat candidate Al Gore, incumbent vice president, at a time when the nation was at peace and enjoying prosperity;

*Secured unanimous approval by the UN Security Council of Resolution 1441 which condemned Saddam Hussein for possessing and using WMD;

*During off-year elections in 2002, increased Republican membership in both chambers of Congress, an unprecedented accomplishment in American political history;

*Secured approval of Public Law No: 107-243, a Joint Resolution passed by Congress in 2002 which authorized the use of military force in Iraq;

*Defeated Democrat John Kerry in 2004, in spite of growing disenchantment with the Iraq war;

*Despite Democrat gains in both chambers of Congress in 2006 due to anti-war sentiment, defeated efforts to reduce troop strength and actually increased the number of troops assigned to Iraq via the "surge."

In addition, the president has cut taxes and presided over a period of robust economic growth , now threatened by housing and mortgage crises that the president is not responsible for.

Most significantly, President Bush has prevented a repeat of the deadly terrorist attacks that cost nearly 3,000 Americans their lives on 9/11/01. George W. Bush has kept America safe!

In most policy areas, President Bush has acted wisely; his actions have generally made the world a safer place.

The fact that Saddam Hussein is no longer a threat to the world should earn George W. Bush international acclaim, rather than the abuse and scorn which has been heaped upon this honorable man by a biased media and Democrat Party still jaded from defeats at his hands in two presidential elections.

George W. Bush an idiot? Don`t you believe it!