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Published:July 25th, 2008 19:03 EST
Obama Walks on Water in Europe. So?

Obama Walks on Water in Europe. So?

By John Lillpop

Europe`s complete obsession with Barack Obama should come as no great surprise to anyone familiar with the candidate`s leftist agenda and Europe`s death wish for America.

After all, Obama is an anti-American Marxist who ridicules American citizens for speaking English, opposes military action taken to defeat terrorism and Al-Quaeda in Iraq, and who rails against ICE for enforcing immigration laws here at home.

Until quite recently, Obama attended a church where the pastor blamed America for 9/11 and screamed "GD America!" during Sunday worship.

Barack Obama is beloved in Europe because he hates America as much, or more, than most Europeans do. He is adored because of his contempt for George W. Bush, the only leader in the world who has waged a consistent and unflagging war against terrorists and their sponsors.

Barack Hussein Obama is a deity to Europe because he has three Muslim names, has dabbled in drugs, does not have the character to give up cigarettes, and counts seedy sleaze balls among his closest associates.

Above all else, Europe is agog over Barack Obama because the candidate has no domestic or foreign credentials, has none of the executive experience needed to serve as president, and is not committed to the best interests of the United States!

In short, Europeans believe that an Obama administration would weaken America`s economic, political, and military dominance throughout the world.

Although America`s mainstream media is promoting Obamamania in Europe as good news, the exact opposite is true. Obama`s glorification in Europe is yet another reason to vote against this Jihad Marxist!