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Published:July 26th, 2008 20:05 EST
Governor Schwarzenegger

Attention Governor Schwarzenegger

By John Lillpop

Open Letter to Governor Schwarzenegger



July 26, 2008

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
State Capitol Building
Sacramento, CA 95814

Dear Governor:

Representative Tom Tancredo (R-Littleton) has recently written you with suggestions for dealing with the huge budget problems that confront you and the people of California.

Rep. Tancredo wisely points out that many billions of dollars are being spent to provide public services to illegal aliens, people who should not even be in America or California, and whom most assuredly are not entitled to feed at the public trough.

This past week, you proposed to reduce the income of 200,000 state employees in order to end the budget impasse. Your proposal would force state employees to live on the federal minimum wage, currently $6.55 an hour.

As you are aware, state employees are American citizens who have mortgages to pay, children to educate, and lives to live. Moreover, state employees are public servants, rather than public sponges, as is the case with illegal aliens.

Furthermore, recent events in San Francisco have made it tragically clear that the damage inflicted by illegal aliens is not limited to pilfering state resources.

Specifically, on June 22 an illegal alien from El Salvador, named Edwin Ramos, allegedly shot and killed an American man and his two sons after an argument at a traffic light.

Ramos, a twice-convicted felon, should have been deported years ago.

However, because San Francisco is a Sanctuary City, Ramos was allowed to remain in The City where he snuffed out the lives of three Americans.

From this incident and the current state budget fiasco ensues a critical question:

Why are American lives and taxpayer dollars being sacrificed in order to shield illegal aliens?

With all due respect from one whom has voted for you twice, purging the funds spent on illegal aliens is far more compassionate and responsible than punishing American citizens who work to benefit the public.

In addition, removing illegal aliens from the public trough would have the added benefit of causing these uninvited, unwelcome interlopers to self-deport, while at the same discouraging millions of others from coming here in the first place.

Forcing illegal aliens to leave our beautiful state would make our home a safer, healthier environment for all American citizens.

I encourage you to adopt the suggestions provided by Rep. Tancredo.

California must not raise taxes or take other punitive actions against American citizens while ignoring the financial and criminal damage inflicted by illegal aliens.


John W. Lillpop