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Published:August 2nd, 2008 12:05 EST
Who Says Girls Are Equal to Men When It Comes to Math?

Who Says Girls Are Equal to Men When It Comes to Math?

By John Lillpop

A Message to America`s Daughters: Know Your Math!

According to bean counters at the Drudge Report, Speaker Nancy Pelosi`s new book, "Know Your Power: A Message to America`s Daughters" is blazing new frontiers by coming in #1,457 on the Amazon sales chart.*

After accounting for books bought by Pelosi family members and DNC staff, Madam Speaker has thus far sold a grand total of eight copies of her literary masterpiece. Not bad for the woman whose job description includes saving the planet from global warming and ornery conservatives.

Still, Pelosi is so disheartened by her anemic book sales that she just shut down her planet saving enterprise, AKA the United States House of Representatives, and skipped town until September.

Actually, Speaker Pelosi deserves enormous credit for getting all those liberals in the US House to leave Washington, D.C. for a month. For that alone, the bug-eyed speaker from San Francisco deserves another month off, without pay.

Word from the alleys and back streets of Washington has it that Speaker Pelosi is already planning a sequel to her book.

Based on her performance as speaker, Pelosi would do well to name the new work, "A Message to America`s Daughters: Know Your Math!" featuring the following facts:

75 percent of Americans favor expanded offshore drilling for oil, and

9 percent of Americans approve of the job turned in by Congress, including the US House which is under Pelosi`s control.

Those are vital facts that all American daughters should be aware of!