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Published:August 6th, 2008 17:57 EST
Obama's Pandering Oxymoron: Law-abiding Illegal Aliens!

Obama's Pandering Oxymoron: Law-abiding Illegal Aliens!

By John Lillpop

After nearly eight years of W-speak, in which the English language has been routinely mangled beyond recognition, one might expect a clean and articulate Barack Obama to bring dignity back to public discourse.

Most regrettably, Barack Obama has decided that trolling for votes through traitorous pandering is more important than precise speech.

Thus, his recent pledge of amnesty for "law-abiding illegal aliens."

Regardless of one`s feelings about illegal aliens, the simple fact is that their presence alone disqualifies each and every one from being "law abiding."

At a minimum, all illegal aliens have violated immigration laws and US borders. Many have engaged in other criminal acts, including consumption of public services to which they are not entitled.

To leave open the possibility that any illegal alien can be logically seen as "law abiding" is about as absurd as describing Islam as a "Religion of Peace."

Or as nutty as calling for a "temporary tax," as Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger recently did while searching for a fix to California`s budget quagmire.

"Honest liberals," "financially-responsible Democrats," and "moderate feminist" are other examples of language abuse that should be outlawed.

Law abiding illegal aliens? No such species now exists, and never will!