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Published:August 11th, 2008 13:48 EST
America Needs President Lou Dobbs in 2008!

America Needs President Lou Dobbs in 2008!

By John Lillpop

Oh, sure, it is very, very late for any individual, even a nationally known television star like Lou Dobbs, to thrown one`s hat in the ring as a candidate for president.

Running for president requires at least $200 million for to mount a serious campaign. Thousands of volunteers have to be recruited, trained, and put on the ground. Campaign strategies and ads must be devised, created, and implemented.

Still, it is NOT impossible.

Americans are finally wising up to Barack Obama, whose poll numbers decline as a direct result to the number of public appearances made by the Anointed One.

People are just sick and tired of hearing Obama, Obama, and more Obama. Obamania is longer seen as a cure-all, rather it is now seen as a deadly disease in and of itself.

John McCain looks good only when compared to Obama. He is too damn old for the most difficult and stressful job on the planet.

Lou Dobbs byway of contrast, is a well educated and articulate defender of the American middle class. Dobbs brings a greater understanding to the economy, international politics, and immigration than either Obama or McCain can even hope to acheive.

Dobbs would fix the illegal alien crisis in a heartbeat by shutting down the border and enforcing existing laws including deportation of the millions of illiterate peasants who have invaded America the great.

America needs Lou Dobbs as the 44th president of these United States! Write in his name on November 4!